About Visionary Astrologer Mr.Shailesh

Shailesh is a western and Vedic intuitive modern visionary astrologer, and have the skills to find solutions to your problems using creativity, healing Arts, offering hope and comfort to your problems. The Foundation of his approach is rooted in the principles of truth, Vedanta & Yogic Science. He offers practical step by step solutions easy to implement in your daily life. My intention is to help you, help yourself, through the common path of Astrology, Yoga, Breath Work, Body Work facilitating clarity and vision, and re-aligning individual purpose with divine intention

The content and services shailesh offers, is dedicated to your journey of evolution, self-discovery & healing; western and Vedic astrology consultations, life guidance, life coaching, career counselling, relationship counselling, environmental healing of your home and Business.

Shailesh helps clients through the fear of the unknown, help clients discover their potential, and always ready to support clients in making life decisions, using the holistic approach, his coaching skills; the results produced are triumphant, victorious and magical.

- Our Mission

The services I offer with my skilled teams are dedicated to your personal and spiritual growth, self knowledge and your natural healing, western and vedic consultations, lifestyle changes & relationship guidance, offering practical day to day practices for your evolvement.

- Our Mission Statement

To live in harmony with nature and the cosmic cycles on planet earth encouraging your healing and the planets healing helping you raise your vibration to the highest levels. We have a holistic approach to shed all the worries, anxieties, and stress through your astrological counselling. We guide you on the path of detoxification to achieve optimum health using our medical astrology skills and guidance of natural therapies to heal your body and mind leading you to a fatigue free life.

- Our Vision

To create a new you with unlimited potential and latent talent you have, using the skills we have to guide you on your creative path to your highest development with our rare astrological insights we make you aware of from your reading.

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