Self Development Course

Self Development Course Detail

This Course is designed for your personal growth on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual , the course helps you to move forward in your life from a stagnant situation and make positive changes you so desire. The benefits in doing this course are improvement in health, learning the art of managing crises, building your confidence, healing your life, learning the art of staying calm, cool and relaxed.

Topics to be covered:

Your personal development
Your Personal Empowerment Program of change
Clearing your mental blocks, Clutter and Space
Using Daily Affirmations
Releasing old emotional and relational Patterns
Healing undesired trauma of the past
How do you change with shift in consciousness
Your mental health
Making Changes to thrive in the present
Staying attractive in a romantic relationship
Maintaining healthy sexual life in your relationship

Online classes on Zoom
Personalized Individual Training
Number of Classes :10 – 1hrs 30 Minutes Per Class
Days and Timings – Flexible
Any further enquiries are welcomed

Fees : $ 350