- Dr. Sandhya Padayachee

Shailesh has been my astrologer and guide for the past 10 years. During this time I have drawn on his vast expertise in astrology, life coaching, reiki, healing and manifesting. His input has been pivotal in directing the course of my career as a doctor, in pursuing a speciality in paediatrics and choosing to further specialise abroad.

I was astounded by the outcomes after following his guidance and am unable to explain some of the miraculous outcomes! Using astrology, he has advised me on what situations best suit my life purpose, which dates and times are favourable to pursue my goals, and also when to be cautious and avoid making impulsive decisions.

Shailesh helps clients through the fear of the unknown, help clients discover their potential, and always ready to support clients in making life decisions, using the holistic approach, his coaching skills; the results produced are triumphant, victorious and magical.

To date, his advise has always been freakishly accurate! As an example: I was a junior doctor just after internship and needed to apply for a post for community service. I had my heart set on a post in Paediatrics at the Red Cross childrens Hospital, however there were only two positions available, and these were awarded to people with families and children based in Cape Town. There were no other posts available at the hospital and this meant that I would either have no job or have to take a position in a remote rural area in the country. I consulted with Shailesh when faced with this dilemma. After reviewing my astrological chart, he assured me that a career in paediatrics was in line with my life purpose. He assisted me with writing a motivational letter explaining that a career in paediatrics was my passion, he gave me instructions on visualisation practices and gave me a specific time to hand my application. To reiterate, I was applying for a position that had already been filed! To my astonishment, by some act of divine intervention, a post was created for me at the Red Cross Children's Hospital! I have since specialised as a paediatrician and am currently super-specialising as a paediatric intensivist, all of which was facilitated by Shailesh. I would highly recommend his services!