Vedic Astrology Basic and KP Astrology Course

Vedic Astrology Basic and KP Astrology Course

This Astrology course is for Beginners, an easy guide to understanding and interpreting your chart where you learn all of the fundamentals of the amazing science of astrology ! Your road path in this life time is discussed in this course.
Join me on the great journey of self -discovery

Topics to be covered:

1. Characteristics of Planets,Houses and Signs
2. Nakshatras and their Devtas
3. Rules of KP Astrolgy
4. Finding significators which are responsible in the fructification of an Event
5. KP Transit to zero-in to decide the day of Event.
6. KP Horary
Plus Matters Related to Different_Houses:
7. Health, Success, Longevity
8. Financial Prospects
9. Foreign Travels
10. Education, Property, Vehicle
11. Children
12. Job, Disease
13. Marriage, Divorce
14. Profession
15. Financial Gains
16. Losses in general
17. Twin Birth
18. No Child
19. Matching Horoscopes using KP astrology
20. Muhurat
21. Practical chart readings
22. Last but not the least, cuspal interlink, 4 step theory, latest in KP.

412 combinations to predict events.

On line classes on Zoom
Personalized Individual Training
Number of Classes :25 – 1hrs 30 Minutes Per Class
Days and Timings – Flexible
Any further enquiries are welcomed

Fees : $ 900